Bridges of Hope are continuing to be built throughout Latin America as we focus on our mission of serving those who have been most adversely affected by COVID-19. We are so grateful for the support of our International Leadership Teams and Bridges of Hope donors for their faithful prayers and financial support during these challenging days. Our direct services have included touching lives in Panama, El
Salvador, Guatemala, and Colombia through the following initiatives:

  • Providing SIM cards for approximately 350 students allowing them to continue online education
  • Providing medical supplies and cleaning products for Sisters of Charity Home for abandoned
  • Food Distributions for families in Guatemala, Panama, and Colombia
  • Purchasing of food products/supplies from local vendors to help sustain them during economic
  • Distribution of masks enabling small business owners to return to their jobs
  • Food Distributions and economic resources for children enrolled in child sponsorship program
    their families, and staff who are quarantined.