Sponsoring a child is a personal way to show God’s love to a child in need.

 For $25 a month, you'll help that child and their community to stand tall, free from poverty.


Bridges of Hope International looks at all the things that prevent children from surviving and thriving in their community – and then works with that community to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together to build a better life for all children.

Identifying specific problems, working together to solve them, and relying on God’s guiding hand makes the difference between a generation of children trapped in the poverty of their parents and grandparents…and a generation of children freed to experience a promising future. One where they can reach their God-given potential, and one day watch their own children do the same, and even their children’s children.

Sponsoring a child through Bridges of Hope International means that children, families, and communities have a sustainable, comprehensive plan for a bright future. Nourishing food and our before/after school program help children stay in school. Education lifts entire families out of poverty. Economic efforts create jobs and secure futures. The love of God brings hope and spiritual transformation.


What is child sponsorship?
  • Child sponsorship with Bridges of Hope International is one of the most effective, inspiring, and rewarding things you can do to fight poverty. That’s because when you sponsor a child with Bridges of Hope, your impact goes far beyond a single child.
  • When you sponsor a child, it means that you’re partnering with children and families for the long haul, tackling the big issues that keep people down. That’s because for a community to flourish, it needs steady access to all of life’s basics: Education, nutritious food, protection from exploitation, economic opportunity, equality, and hope.
  • Child sponsorship sustainably helps families build independence. Communities take ownership of their projects so that we can move on to help other communities in need. We want to work ourselves out of a job! And since 100 percent of our staff work in their in Cartagena, Colombia, they know the culture and can bring tailored solutions to every child sponsorship community.
How do I sponsor a child?
  • Even though Bridges of Hope’s approach to lifting children out of poverty starts with the community, sponsoring a child is still a one-on-one experience.
    1. Choose a child to sponsor whose story, interests, and circumstances resonate with you.
    2. Every month, your $25 sponsorship donation is pooled with other sponsors to fund programs that benefit your child and their community.
    3. Along the way, you can build a relationship with your sponsored child and your child’s community through letters, videos, time, prayer, updates, encouragement, and more.
    4. Sponsors who have the flexibility and resources can even arrange visits to see their child.

    By sponsoring a child, you get to watch the impact of your donation on both that child and on his or her community. Child sponsorship with Bridges of Hope International has a huge multiplier effect. We stretch your dollar as far as possible to help lift both your child and their peers out of poverty.

Why sponsor a child?
  • Relationship: We were created for relationships. To be in community. With God. With each other. Especially with those who need our help. That’s when we’re most fully alive. Child sponsorship is one of those joyful connections, and a practical way to show God’s love to a child in need.
  • Meaning: Some of you sponsor a child to introduce your own children to global issues. Others sponsor a child to pass on your values to your grandchildren. They entered the world on the same day, just under different circumstances…but they will be forever tied together because of your decision to become a sponsor.
  • Effectiveness: Sponsoring a child through Bridges of Hope means helping your sponsored child, their family, and their community out of poverty for good with comprehensive, sustainable solutions to the root causes of poverty.


Begin your journey together through sponsoring a child in Cartagena, Colombia. There are so many ways to get to know your child and even more ways to let them know they are special and loved. Here are ways you can connect:


Because of you, your sponsored child will have the benefits of a healthier and happier life. You can look forward to receiving updates on how your child is doing and how they are growing. Each year, you’ll receive:
  • New photo of your child
  • Christmas card
  • Two letters from your child


As a sponsor, you’ll help transform the life of your child, their family, and their community. Throughout the year you’ll receive updates showing how your support and the support of others is impacting the community in the form of:
  • Newsletters with the latest on the program and the children’s progress
  • Photos of the community


There are many more children that need hope. Nohemi is a sponsored child through Pan De Vida and she went from being at the bottom of her class to being at the top and thriving in her studies! Be hope to a child for $25 a month!