One night I was reading my Bible for Bible study like I do every regular night. I wanted to do some sort of activity with my two close friends from bible study Ken and Abbey. I prayed before I went to bed that God would give us something to do for someone else for Christmas. After praying the word cards was the first thing that popped into my mined. What could we do with cards? I fell asleep thinking about it and the next morning I face timed Ken to see if she had any ideas on what to do with cards. She didn’t have any ideas so I just went on with my day. My Nana invited me to go to the meeting for The Impact Indy project. We all sat down to talk about it and Nana wanted us to make cards for the people downtown in jail. I couldn’t believe how it wasn’t just a coincidence but something God made happen. God is there for us and just a simple word really proved to me that God hears my prayers. Its cool to think that I have a father/best friend there looking out for me all of my days. Prayer is a powerful thing. Sometimes you just need to step back and let God work.

-Taylor Heiniger