2023 Fundraising Goal: $110,000

Countries of Focus For 2024: Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Panama 

Colombia Projects

  • Patio Gardens – $300 per garden

  • Construction of Houses – $6,000 per house

  • Micro-Enterprising Initiative – Each $300 investment provides seed money and vocational training to begin a small business

  • Medical Clinic Budget – $3,000 serves approximately 500 patients
  • Vision Clinic:

    • $20 per patient provides professional eye exams for prescription eyeglasses
    • $5 per patient provides a basic eye exam and reading glasses. This trip will serve approximately 850 people with reading glasses!

    Panama Projects

    • Medical Clinic – $3000 for the purchase of medications. This will serve approximately 400 patients!
    • Vision Clinic – Our aim is to serve 500 patients at $5 per patient

    El Salvador Projects

    • Construction of Homes – $4,500 per house
    • General Construction Projects – $2,500 for painting and repair

    • Community Service Projects – $2,500 to serve 50 families with food distribution

    • Medical and Dental Clinics
      • $3,500 for medications and supplies
      • $5,200 for vital dental and medical equipment
    • Vision Clinic – $5 per patient provides a basic eye exam and reading glasses. This trip will serve approximately 1000 people!

      Guatemala Projects

      • Installation of Eco-Friendly Stoves and Water Filtration Systems – $400 per house
      • Construction of Home – $6,500
      • Amusement Park Field Trip For Children at Risk – $20 per child. We are hoping to take at least 40 kids this year!
      • Medical, Dental, Vision, and Physical Therapy Clinics – $5,000 for supplies and medications

      Bible Project

      Bibles will be made available to all adults that are served by Bridges of Hope. Throughout the 2024 Impact Trips, an estimated 2,500 Bibles will be given out. At $5 a Bible, this requires $12,500.


      Consistent and faithful donors enable us to continue a pattern of financial stability and keep our commitments to our partners that are tirelessly serving in stressful and challenging environments. Your financial gifts touch thousands of lives demonstrated by practical acts of love and compassion.

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